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"Hero" ReMixers

audio fidelity

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audio fidelity, ReMixer on Heroes vs. Villains

♪:"Pirate Shout"

Jay Yaskin is currently a student at Middle State University studying music production, composition, and performance. He is a servant to the master of creation and enjoys all aspects of the music process.

He hopes to begin a career where he can continue to create and help out others with his talents. He also enjoys practicing healthy habits, learning, and loving life.

Big Giant Circles

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Big Giant Circles, ReMixer on Heroes vs. Villains

♪:"The Bounty of a Brain"

Jimmy "Big Giant Circles" Hinson is a music composer, a gamer, and a staff member of OverClocked ReMix. A recent addition to the Wall of Sound music team, Jimmy co-composed the score to BioWare’s blockbuster sci-fi epic title Mass Effect 2 with Sam Hulick, David Kates, and Brian DiDomenico under the direction of lead composer Jack Wall. Prior to that, he has composed for a variety of media, including television, video games, film, and radio. His custom music has been heard on various television networks including Fox, Animal Planet, HGTV, and others, underscoring such shows as Design Star, Showdown, HGTV Challenge, and many more. Jimmy has also arranged music for Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. He has written scores featured in various film and game trailers and licensed music for production music libraries. His music has also been featured in Guitar Center retail stores nationwide.

As one of the few game composers in the industry who extensively uses FL Studio, Image-Line appointed him as one of their few “Power Users” along the ranks of names like Justin Lassen, Basshunter, Mike Oldfield, and Deadmau5.


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bLiNd, ReMixer on Heroes vs. Villains

♪:"Go Ninja, Go"

Jordan Aguirre, a.k.a. bLiNd, has been producing music since 1998. He started by adding drumbeats and drum loops he created with free software to NES music. The first tracks he created were video game remixes. Eventually, he learned enough to write his own tracks and as the software scene developed he finished original music and eventually full remixes of video game songs. That lead him to VGMix and OC ReMix, which is where he learned, through feedback and community, to develop his skills to where they are now. He also met some of the most important people in his life through those communities and still keeps those ties strong.

The future is looking bright as more doors open for him in original composition for video games as well as professional dance tracks. He delves in to sound design and engineering/mastering as well. His main focus is to stay a student of his art and find satisfaction in making music, and not do it for money or recognition or any of the artificial parts of art creation. He gives God the credit for his ability and tries to walk in that daily.

Brandon Strader

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Brandon Strader, ReMixer on Heroes vs. Villains

♪:"Born of Ashes, Baptized in Blood"

Brandon Strader is a student of interactive digital media. He is best known for his bands Rainwound, In Staid Grace, and his personal self-titled acoustic project. Having taken time off from continuing his college to focus on music, he got lost somewhere along the line and became 100% dedicated to simply working on music, and another 10% dedicated to video gaming. Nothing makes him happier than hearing a song completed. He'll continue his education someday, but why rush?

Insert Rupee

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Benjamin Briggs:

Benjamin Briggs, ReMixer on Heroes vs. Villains


halc, ReMixer on Heroes vs. Villains

♪:"The Life and Death of Kirby"

Benjamin Briggs, formerly known as chthonic, is a 22-year-old musician who has been remixing video game music since the age of 14. Starting with Anvil Studio, he eventually graduated to FL Studio and began his quest to become "OCR Passable." Now a well-known (and possibly infamous) member of the community, his remixes are generally electronic, varying degrees of danceable, and very consistently include chiptune instruments for that extra injection of nostalgia. Ben began making game remixes with Drew Wheeler (a.k.a. halc) in late 2007, and he to this day continues to enjoy the luxury of an extra brain to pick up his slack.

halc (real name, Drew Wheeler) is a 21-year-old hobbyist musician that enjoys remixing video game tunes. He began using FL Studio in 2004 with the sole intention of getting his name on the ocremix.org homepage, which finally became a reality in November of 2008. Since then, he has produced (including collaborations) over 40 video game arrangements and participated in numerous tribute albums, as well as organizing one of his own, which saw completion in the fall of 2010. He often collaborates with good IRL friend Benjamin Briggs, known collectively as Insert Rupee.

Insert Rupee, video game music

José the Bronx Rican

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José the Bronx Rican, ReMixer on Heroes vs. Villains

♪:"He Ain't a G"

A proud Bronx resident since birth, José has spent a lifetime studying entertainment media. He developed his skills as he grew, wandering through many arcades, taking art courses in high school, and tinkering around with portable keyboards, hardware samplers and VHS decks at home. His Internet adventures started in 1999 transcribing classic VGM into MIDI files for the Videogame Music Archive.

On the staff of OverClocked ReMix as their Media Editor, the "Bronx Rican" combines his talents in visual art, music production and multimedia for an endless procession of personal and semi-professional projects. His work for OCR has led to major contributions to the soundtrack of Capcom's Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, and is currently working on videos for The OneUps.

Mattias Häggström Gerdt

Mattias Häggström Gerdt on OverClocked ReMix Mattias Häggström Gerdt on Twitter Mattias Häggström Gerdt on YouTube

Mattias Häggström Gerdt, ReMixer on Heroes vs. Villains

♪:"Screw Wily, I'm Taking a Vacation"

Mattias Häggström Gerdt, also known as "anosou," is a hairy Swedish composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist and game enthusiast. With influences ranging from 60's minimalism via progressive rock to all kinds of electronic music, he creates music in a wide variety of genres for a multitude of purposes. Mattias has already started to make his mark on game music with numerous soundtracks composed (including Kaleidoscope, Cobalt and Blind EDGE), a heavy involvement in the game music arrangement scene and a strong tie to the independent game developer community. His work on Cobalt was nominated for the 2011 IGF "Excellence in Audio" award.

He appeared on the soundtrack for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix together with other artists from OverClocked ReMix and has arranged numerous tracks since then. These arrangements have been well received among the original composers (including Kota Hoshino, Yoshitaka Hirota, Hiroyuki Iwatsuki and Kimitaka Matsumae) and fans alike, including a successful album release of THE ANSWER - Armored Core Tribute Album - at Comiket. His arrangements have also appeared on official soundtracks like Super Meat Boy and Return All Robots!. In his free time, Mattias is an avid collector of game music CDs and a Twitter addict.


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Mustin remixing Castlevania on Heroes vs. Villains

♪:"The Prodigal Son Returns"

Mustin is the co-founder and owner of OneUp Studios. The Fayetteville, Arkansas-based producer is also the owner of his musical production company, Mustin Productions, where he produces various acts under his own label. Mustin's versatility is evident as the multi-instrumentalist is a musical performer, composer, and arranger, covering a full range of work, from film and television music to fully produced album releases.

Mustin has created a name for himself in the game music community through his hard work. His single-song arrangement releases grew in popularity and after time led to fully produced compilations as well as the eventual establishment of OneUp Studios. His work towards the cause of furthering game music awareness continues as he leads the video game cover band The OneUps, acting as the sole director, manager, and booking agent.



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WillRock, ReMixer on Heroes vs. Villains

♪:"Bare Knuckle Blitz"

William Harby (a.k.a. WillRock) is a composer and arranger currently based in the UK. He is most predominantly known for his video game remixes, which can be found most notably on YouYube and OverClocked ReMix, as well as other websites. He is also known for composing music for the Flash game "Critter Forge." He has released three arrangement albums and one original album of music.


zircon on OverClocked ReMix zircon on Facebook zircon on Twitter zircon on YouTube

zircon, ReMixer on Heroes vs. Villains

♪:"Satsui no Koto"

Andrew Aversa (a.k.a. zircon) is an award-winning, covert-ops audio specialist with headquarters located on the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA. His top-secret blend of cutting-edge electronic-organic sound design, sonorous composition, and ultra-polished production values have yielded dozens of credits in the realm of video games (Monkey Island 2: Special Edition, Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, The Wheelman), TV (Heroes, Skins, MTV), film, advertising and other media. As the recording artist zircon, he has written, produced, engineered and collaborated on over 15 albums.

The continuously-expanding array of zircon albums and EPs has met with both critical and popular acclaim – Impulse Prime achieved a dual victory at the 2006 Just Plain Folks Music Awards, winning “Best Techno Album” and the single “Tomorrow” winning “Best Techno Song.” This victory was repeated at the subsequent 2009 JPF Awards, with Antigravity’s “Depth Charge” taking “Best Techno Song” again, as well as the #1 spot of “Best Techno Song of All Time” at Garageband.com.

A lifelong fan of music, film scores and video games, Andrew’s background in music began in classical piano, but soon evolved to include computer-based music production shortly before his departure to college. This led to a powerful thirst for knowledge and self-improvement, a thirst that has yet to be quenched as he continues to devour composition and production techniques every day. Thanks to this liquid background, Andrew integrates in his music a formidable arsenal of influences ranging from electronic artists like BT, Prodigy, Hybrid and Pendulum to film composers such as James Newton-Howard, Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman and many more.

A true sound-scientist at heart, Andrew is the lead producer and co-founder of Impact Soundworks, a sound design & sample library development company with an enormous list of users all over the world, including some of the most well-known video game, television and film composers in the industry. If he is not designing a new collection of critically-acclaimed instruments for this company, he can be found concocting synthesizer presets which are similarly widely-used.

Andrew is frequently sighted teaching student composers and game developers at Drexel University or otherwise assisting fellow musicians in the fields of production, mastering, and sound design.



"Villain" ReMixers

Ailsean on OverClocked ReMix Ailsean on YouTube

Ailsean, member of the Smash Brothers and ReMixer on Heroes vs. Villains

♪:"A Walk with Death"

Wookie guitarist supreme. Go to ailsean.net if for some reason you think that doesn't say it all, but it pretty much does.

Danimal Cannon

Danimal Cannon on OverClocked ReMix Armcannon on Facebook Armcannon on Twitter Danimal Cannon on YouTube

Danimal Cannon, member of Armcannon and ReMixer on Heroes vs. Villains

♪:"Enter the Shredder"

Danimal Cannon is a guitar warrior hailing from Buffalo, NY. In addition to his solo remixes he performs live with the game music gods known as Armcannon. Armcannon has released 2 CD's of game remixes, all of which was produced, mixed, and mastered by Danimal. In addition, Danimal plays guitars in the live incarnation of the long-running Metroid Metal project by Stemage. His take on Stemage's polyrhythmic tributes can also heard on the first Metroid Metal CD releases entitled Varia Suite and Expansion Pack. I heard he ripped a bear in half with his bear hands once too.

Diggi Dis

Diggi Dis on OverClocked ReMix Diggi Dis on Twitter Diggi Dis on YouTube

Diggi Dis, ReMixer on Heroes vs. Villains

♪:"Voodoo, Roots, 'n Grog"

"I started doing music when I was about 11 yrs. old. I began with DOS trackers like Tracker, then switched to Fast Tracker II. I was convinced this was the way to create music.

After gaining some experience in tracking, I made a transfer to Reason (my first MIDI-based sequencer). After exploring that for some time, I finally made the choice to switch to Cubase and invest into somewhat more "serious" hardware and bought my first synth (Roland Fantom XR).

This piece of hardware took away a lot of stress from my machine and made making music a lot easier, while it would still sound nice.

Currently, I still use the Fantom (X8) as my main piece of hardware for making music, in combination with Cubase SX3. I still find myself enjoying the workflow and probably will continue like this for quite a while also.

I've always had a great love for music in video games, one of the reasons why I still do video game remixes every now and then. I don't really have a specific genre I always work in, but if I had to nail it down, I'd say my most done genre is probably R&B music."

Joshua Morse

Joshua Morse on OverClocked ReMix Joshua Morse on Facebook Joshua Morse on Twitter Joshua Morse on YouTube

Joshua Morse, ReMixer on Heroes vs. Villains

♪:"Screw Mega Man, I'm Taking Over the World"
♪:"Coconut Milk"
♪:"Satsui No Koto"

Joshua Morse has two forces driving him--one being his passion for composing and producing music, and the other, his commitment to web development.

Based out of his home studio in Nashville, Tennessee, Josh has never been one to conform to the sounds you're accustomed to hearing. Instead, he leaves his mark by means of a fusion of many genres, generally incorporating a hint of jazz and funk. He's on a mission to prove that not all jazz is "elevator music," not all video game music is "bleeps and bloops," and not all know-it-alls actually know it all.

Joshua is also an advocate of healthy living. He follows a vegan diet and enjoys working out.

Kunal Majmudar

Kunal Majmudar on OverClocked ReMix Kunal Majmudar on Facebook Kunal Majmudar on Twitter Kunal Majmudar on YouTube

Kunal Majmudar, Director and ReMixer on Heroes vs. Villains

♪:"Wrath Industrial"

Kunal started playing drums when he was seven. By college, he was proficient in all manner of drums, orchestral percussion, ethnic percussion, piano, synthesis, and trumpet. Throughout his college career at Boston University, Kunal also learned how to play guitar. This eventually lead to an understanding and admiration for flamenco and contemporary folk-percussive styles (indicative of such performers as Justin King or Michael Hedges). His curiosity and love of music have supported him throughout his life--eventually pushing him into composition world. Studying under American composer Samuel Headrick, Kunal acquired a concentration in composition and became the first music minor in Boston University history to take graduate-level composition courses.

While his style is extremely versatile and can adapt to almost any situation, Kunal specializes in film and video game scoring. Generally speaking, his style is organic and lends itself well to either a natural texture (orchestra or ethnic music) or a hybridized texture (natural instruments fused with electronic elements). He has done work for various rich-media formats (radio dramas, television PSA's, film, video game, trailers, ads, etc.) and projects in the domestic as well as international spheres. Kunal continues to cultivate his style and breadth of expression with every new project.


Mazedude on OverClocked ReMix Mazedude on Facebook Mazedude on Twitter Mazedude on YouTube

Mazedude, Director and ReMixer on Heroes vs. Villains

♪:"Hot Air Penguin"

Christopher Getman had been a jack-of-all-trades in the world of entertainment for several years. He has dabbled in music, sound design, acting, voices, stunts, motion capture, video editing, DVD design, and much more. His first love, however, was music. Regardless of what crazy paths life took him on, he never lost the passion for creating unique musical experiences.

Over time, Christopher came to realize that you can only wear so many hats for so long, and has since calmed down a bit to focus on web design. His company, Mazedude Productions, now provides high-end Flash development (and more) for clients all over the world. However, he is still in touch with his musical roots, and still creates kickass music whenever the right project comes along. He has contributed to several OC ReMix albums, has been a part of every Bad Dudes album/EP including the famed CHRONOTORIOUS project, and made a name for himself as being the sole force behind The American Album, the first video game music tribute done exclusively for the American VG composers.

Incidentally, the site you're looking at right now was designed by Mazedude too.

posu yan

posu yan on OverClocked ReMix posu yan on Facebook posu yan on YouTube

posu yan, ReMixer on Heroes vs. Villains

♪:"Coconut Milk"

posu yan is awesome.


zyko on OverClocked ReMix zyko on Facebook zyko on Twitter zyko on YouTube

zyko, ReMixer on Heroes vs. Villains

"Mr. Z"

zyko's music, also referred to as zykomazika, is an unnaturally irregular and unorthodox flow of stories of events that have the illusion of coherence and relevance to Waleed's life. zykomazika has been known (but never verified) to have caused irreversible brain damage in listeners exposed to heavy exposure.



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